Command Reference

Use privado --help for a list of available commands

CommandDescriptionUsageSupported flags


Scan a codebase or repository to identify privacy issues and generate compliance reports

privado scan <repository> [flags]

-c, --config string: Specifies the config (with rules) directory to be passed to privado-core for scanning. These external rules and configurations are merged with the default set that Privado defines --disable-deduplication When specified, the engine does not remove duplicate and subset dataflows. This option is useful if you wish to review all flows (including duplicates) manually -h, --help: help for scan -i, --ignore-default-rules: If specified, the default rules are ignored and only the specified rules (-r) are considered --overwrite: If specified, the warning prompt for existing scan results is disabled and any existing results are overwritten --skip-dependency-download: When specified, the engine skips downloading all locally unavailable dependencies. Skipping dependency download can yield incomplete results --upload : If specified, will automatically attempt to upload the scan result to Privado Dashboard --skip-upload : If specified, the result artifacts will not be uploaded to Privado Dashboard --debug: To enable process debug output for debugging purposes


List, enable, or disable telemetry for Privado CLI

privado config <List/enable/disable>

-h, --help: Help for config


Help provides help for any command in the application.

privado help [command]

-h, --help: Help for help


Check for latest release and update to the latest version Privado CLI

privado update [flags]

-h, --help: Help for update


Print the current version of Privado CLI

privado version [flags]

-h, --help: Help for version


Sync the results of scan with Privado Dashboard

privado upload <repository> [flags]

-h, --help: Help for version

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